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Our company was founded on the love of playing music at our friend’s parties. We bring this passion to every event we perform, in addition to our energy and high quality equipment. Ask yourself – when do you feel you have been to the best parties? Is it when you completely lose yourself in the music and experience, forgetting about the DJ, guests and party snacks as you are lost in your own blissful world or is it when the silver vested DJ drags you out on the dance floor as the pain stacking example of how to perform the chicken dance? When the party begins, it’s time for YOU to relax and enjoy yourself – get loliquid-point-nightclub-eventst in the music and atmosphere. This is why we feel our job is to create the environment, set the stage – not try and steal it. You won’t see us dragging people on the dance floor. What we do is create the atmosphere that will make your party a real hit.