The Wedding Reception – Planning, Budget, Location

After every wedding ceremony, the newly wed couple together with their families and friends along with the other guests look forward to a fun and fulfilling reception party. This party is a time for the new couple’s family and friends to talk and mingle with one another and to further strengthen their relationship with each other. For the new couple, it is a celebration of their matrimony and at the same time a chance to meet and get to know more of each other’s families. It is thus an important event and time for everyone.

Since a reception party is a celebration of the couple’s matrimony, it should be memorable if not perfect. Perfect would be great though! It should be planned well and be thought of properly or else it will ruin the moment and leave a scar on the memory. Many things need to be considered in order to achieve a wonderful reception party. From the budget, the party’s venue, the kind of champagne or alcohol to serve, down to the type of music to play, are all essential factors to take in to consideration. All these things must go together so that you and your guests will have a great time and a time that you will all remember.

Start your planning early. It is always a good move to plan early so that you can have time to talk to friends who have already planned a reception and at the same time get ideas from them on what and what-not to do during this kind of party. Talking to suppliers early is also an advisable step.

Making something almost perfect requires money and a couple planning for a wonderful reception party must make sure that they have a generous amount to budget with for the reception. There are ways in which you can reduce and control the budget needed. But, just remember that it’s a once in a lifetime party, so some people might spend a once in a lifetime budget for it.

Next thing to consider of course is the wedding reception location. The couple must make sure that the chosen location for the reception can accommodate the number of the invited guests. Have in mind that people will mingle and talk with one another therefore the place must have enough space for this possibility. Make sure that the place is not too spacious either. You do not want the place to look empty and you should aim to make the space comfortable so that new couple’s families get to know each other.

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