Roaring 20s Party Planning

The Roaring 20s make for an excellent party theme for your next event. You just have to do a little research to really make it jazzy. The guests will love a party that has lots of music and lots of great nostalgic feel. You may even want to have a dance party so it’s important to get the right music for the party. Do get planning and you’ll have a fantastic party when the time comes.

Long before you plan on having the party you should sit down and do a little bit of research on the decade of the 20s. You can do research at the library if you like to find more on the styles of dress during the 20s, as well as the music, food and general styles so you can have an idea or two for the decoration of the Roaring 20s party.

This was the era of the flapper and zoot suit and it makes a great costume party. Be sure to let your friends know through invitation if they will or won’t be expected to dress up for the good times. Although the party can still be great with Roaring 20s decoration, music and food, having the guests dress up will add just one more dimension to the party.

Don’t forget when looking for decorations for your Roaring 20s party to look for paper supplies. These can be table covers, paper plates, cups, and napkins. The fringe look was really in during the 20s and you may find that a metallic fringe around the walls doors and tables. Silver and gold or black and white can really add to the classic nostalgic feel.

Food can be easy to find for the party. If you have a tight budget or are feeding a large group of people then you should turn the party into a potluck and have the guests bring a variety of dishes for all to sample.

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