Party Planning – What are the 3 Keys to Success?

Setting up a get together can simply be daunting, let alone trying to deal with various party planning tasks but once its pulled off you have the satisfaction of knowing you created a memorable party. There are some tricks you can use to make putting together your party an easier task.

If you can hire a party planner. There aren’t just wedding planners out there people, and party planners can organize everything you need for a great party. They’ll do all the footwork and all you have to do is pick out menus, taste food and decide on colors. You can also pay to talk with a party planner without actually using their planning services. They help you come up with ideas and narrow down your options.

Above all make sure you send out the invitations with plenty of time, think maybe a couple months in advance for a big party. And include all the necessary information on the invitations. There is invariably the guest who shows up dressed like a chicken thinking it’s a costume party or comes wearing jeans to a formal affair, they will most likely be mortified and have trouble enjoying the night if they stay at the party.

Plan the menu way in advance and get your order in at the caterer or bakery way in advance. There are often waiting lists months long and they may not be able to get to your order in time for the party. If you plan on making the food for the party pick things that are easy to prepare, a deli platter or salad bar is always good and you won’t heat up the house with the oven going. Its best to try and get the food prepared the day before the party to help cut down on things you’ll have to do the day of the party.

Party planning is to organization as real estate is to location. Keep that in mind as the key to a successful event!

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