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Skilled and experienced coordinators do nothing but professional party planning. That should not intimidate the amateur from party planning just clue them in. It is going to be a lot of work to throw the next holiday party or even host the bridge club.

What is needed is a lot of lead time. Start early on any type of party planning. The next step is to prioritize and assign a “time required” sort of measurement to each task. Be realistic at this stage. If homemade treats are really necessary due to budgeting measures or a sense of perfectionism then make sure there is enough time allowed. Buy ingredients early enough but make sure that they will be fresh. If a caterer or a baker is needed shop carefully and get recommendations. This will be a very high priority. Also remember that some occasions come at the same time of year for everyone else as they do for you.

Give the baker, caterer or even a family member who is helping out enough time to plan their part of the menu. Holidays and weddings are really hectic for these professions so please don’t count on last minute perfection. It may however be possible to take a cake that has the wrong name and have it carefully corrected at the last minute. Sometimes caterers have prepared foods that are meant for parties that are canceled.

This happens more often in more populated areas. It isn’t a good idea to make last minute purchases part of extensive party planning. It does happen often enough at some businesses to use them as back up party planning for more casual occasions though.

Party planning doesn’t stop at food preparation although that is an important aspect. Decorations, invitations and entertainment take equally important parts in the overall scheme of things.

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