Have a Fun Event with Some Easy Party Planning

Brainstorming may be the best approach to the initial stage in party planning. No other method will as quickly get at the main points which will make each party a distinct and successful occasion. Just jot down the ideas as they come and then worry about budgeting and other practical concerns which limit the initially exuberant ideas.

Party planning is then in the second phase: the practical one. Initial brainstorming will bring up the idea of hiring an ice carver but party planning will pare that back to hiring a caterer who owns a good ice mold. Similarly, the initial brainstorming might suggest hiring a magic act but after looking at the budget that might be downsized to asking a relative to do some magic tricks.

The brainstorming session for a wedding offers the notion of shipping the wedding party to the islands for a beach ceremony but the party planning may cut that one back to a down payment on a house with the ceremony in the back yard.

The essential benefit of the two phases of party planning is that it helps keep things in reasonable limits while still offering a great occasion. In the case of the magician at the birthday party the crowd might enjoy visiting with the relative more than the hired act and he or she may actually want to help. The wedding that is minimized for the sake of a home purchase may make for a longer and happier marriage.

At any rate, party planning can make the difference between a fiasco and a festive occasion. If things are organized in too loose a manner they don’t usually go very well. For example, party planning can make the difference between finding affordable invitations that are kept as souvenirs or friends who don’t receive an invitation at all.

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